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Outdoor Cushions Glendale is a family-owned and operated business serving the residents of Glendale for over 30 years. We offer elegant furniture with world-class service, focusing primarily on local customers in our area alone.

Outdoor Cushions Glendale has been a local furniture and upholstery shop offering elegant styles for both homes and businesses for three decades. We high-quality services with an eye on customer satisfaction in Glendale and surrounding areas but not limited to Downtown LA. Our entire team is friendly—from our customer service representatives to the people who work on your project’s repair or restoration projects.

With an extensive range of commercial and residential furniture, as well as custom-made options for homes, offices, or restaurants, we are confident that you will find the perfect product here. Our mission is simple: We offer customers high-quality products at great prices with a personal touch. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and always offer our customers a top-quality product for an affordable price! We have been providing quality and stylish commercial furniture to the Glendale area for over three decades now, with an A+ rating from all of our satisfied customers.

Cushions Upholstery Glendale is the best place for all your furniture and upholstery needs! With our wide selection of commercial, residential, restaurant booth, or lobby needs—we can help you find what it takes to make sure every customer feels like they’ve come home. We work with various materials, including leathers/fabrics, which ensures we have something suited just for them (and their budget).

We are the ultimate destination for all your outdoor needs! We have an extensive range of furniture, and we’re more than just cushions.

At Outdoor Cushions Glendale, you can find everything from sofas to restaurant booths; our inventory is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customer in need of high-quality goods at affordable prices (including reupholstery). Stop by today or contact us online—we would love to help make things easier when choosing between fabric types & colors too!

If you have old, worn-out antique furniture lying around the house but can’t find anyone reliable and experienced to carry out its restoration, please don’t worry—we here at Outdoor Cushions Glendale will take care of everything. We specialize in modern-day and traditional styles, so no matter what type or year your pieces date back to, our team has got them covered!

We have all sorts of old furniture in the house—you know, those stuffy pieces that nobody wants anymore. But don’t worry; we’re here to take care of it for you! Whether your piece is modern or antique, our team can do wonders with restoring its value and making sure everything matches up correctly.

We are experts in upholstery, leather repair, and restoring antique furniture. We can help you with replacing the foam on your sofa or outdoor cushions too. We have the solution for all your upholstery needs! You’ll be pleased with our friendly service that is guaranteed to make it look like new again.


Our Services

If you’re looking for the best furniture and upholstery in Glendale, California, then look no further than Outdoor Cushions! We offer a wide range of products that are all made by us. From couch cushions to loveseats, we’ve got it all here at an unbeatable price point. Our goal is: To provide high-quality goods at affordable prices through excellence, efficiency, creativity, and diversity.

Thanks to our friendly customer service team who will go above and beyond their duty every day so that everyone can enjoy what they do, which makes them truly different from any other business out there.

We are the best cushion company in town. We offer an affordable price for our customers to purchase their new sofa or chair, and we make sure that they’re satisfied before they leave! We make them out of whatever material you want at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for home furnishing, office supplies, or business needs; we have everything that one could ever imagine at great prices too!

If you want to restore or replace your old sofa cushions but don’t want the expense of a new couch? Outdoor Cushion Glendale provides high-quality reupholstery services. We can fix any size sofa or sofa cushions with our skilled hands and make it look brand new again!.

Our manufactured patio cushions and outdoor & indoor pillows are some of the best in Glendale. In all of our furniture, including cushions and pillows, we use only top-quality foam. Moreover, we use the best quality memory foams, fabrics, leather, wood, and other materials in making our sofas, beds, chairs, sectional sofas, and more. Besides, we make the best natural memory foam in Glendale and use it in our pillows, cushions, commercial seatings, sofas, chairs, sectional sofas, mattresses, patio cushions, boat cushions, bench cushions, restaurant cushions, car cushions, boat & yacht cushions, etc.

When you need custom upholstery for your sofa, chair, or loveseat, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Our selection of leathers and fabrics will have any room suited to perfection! Our store offers a wide selection of furniture and upholstery leathers and fabrics. Plus, we also have cushions in all sizes and designs.

If you want to replace your old, worn-out cushions without spending a ton of money, then Outdoor Cushion Glendale is the place for pillow restorations. We offer high-quality cushion and reupholstery services that are sure to make any home more comfortable!

If you want custom or restoring your cushions and pillows—Outdoor Cushions Glendale provides high-quality cushion and pillow restorations and reupholstery.  If you are looking for a reputed, experienced furniture reupholstery to repair or restore your old and worn-out cushions without spending a ton of money, we are the place to be!

Why Choose Outdoor Cushions Glendale?

Outdoor Cushions Glendale has been in the upholstery business for 40 years, making us an undisputed pioneer. We offer foam cushions made from quality materials that are durable and affordable—without comparison!

We are proud and privileged to have one of the best, skilled teams in Glendale. We pride ourselves on being the best upholstery firm in Glendale. Our skilled and experienced team will do anything for you, from making your dream furniture to fixing a dented armchair that no longer holds paint! We have provided our furniture and upholstery to many commercial establishments, interior designers, studios- even celebrity homes!

So don’t look anywhere and come to us for all standard furniture services. We have an extensive range of fabrics, finishes, and styles that will suit your needs no matter what they are— whether it’s a refresh on home decor or office furnishings! Contact one of our friendly staff members by calling (213) 536-9916 or emailing them at (glendalereupholstery@gmail.com.

Why Choose Us?

In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our work, so you can be sure that Granada Hills Upholstery is the right choice for your upholstering needs.


What Our Customers Say About Us

My husband and I were extremely satisfied with every aspect of this business. Polite, friendly and accommodating, we give this business the highest of ratings and wish that every business would operate in the same fashion. Thank you for the experience! Thank you Scott
Anahata Graceland
Great service! Called today at noon, just to inquire about a quote. Don said he can be at my house by 4pm this afternoon. Incredible, came and picked up more than I first realized I needed. Once they started we really purged. Mattress, old lawn furniture, yard equipment etc.
Wow! I just got my dining chairs back today and they look absolutely gorgeous! Luckily, I found Scott and his team thru Google. they r everywhere . They were very patient and attentive to my needs. They had so many options to choose from that it can get a bit overwhelming;
Angel T

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