Commercial Upholstery Glendale

Commercial Upholstery Glendale is a trusted upholstery provider based in the sunny City of Glendale, CA. Established in 1950, we specialize in everything from reupholstering to refurbishing or repairing commercial furniture for businesses across Southern California!

With over 40 years’ experience, our team has extensive knowledge and expertise, which can be seen with any type or size project you may have on your hands – big or small.  They’ll get it done right so that not only do people get their office looking good as new but also there’s no lack whatsoever when it comes down to getting comfortable chairs after an eventful day at work (or just sitting back during lunch break).

Commercial Upholstery Glendale

Established by industry leader Don Seligman—Commercial Furniture Services has been servicing all commercial furniture needs with an emphasis on experience that can’t be beaten! We specialize across three different fields: reupholstering services for your old sofa or chair; refurbishing worn-out office chairs back into their original glory days, so they’re as good today as when new; or repairing dents out now with our newest technology, including laser dent repair which brings you better results than ever before.

Visit us today at the best commercial upholstery store in Glendale! We offer free estimates with no obligation so you can get an idea of what your project will cost before deciding whether or not to go ahead. With our large selection and variety, we have everything from sofas and chairs to cushions for all types- traditional or contemporary styles alike, making it easy to find something just right for any home decor needs.

Stop by now if you want some new furniture but also don’t mind updating what’s already there too because Commercial Upholstery has got you covered both ways.

If you’re in the market for new office furniture, Commercial Upholstery Glendale can help! Our family-owned and operated upholstery shop have been serving Glendale for over a decade. We specialize in commercial furniture and provide various fabrics to choose from—including commercial upholstery styles like leathers or synthetics—no matter what style you’re looking to create or update! If your office needs new pieces of furniture—we will help make it feel like home again!

We’re here to help you with anything from large-scale projects, like new construction or major renovations, all the way down to smaller-scale jobs. Stop by today and see what we can do for your project!

Our Services

Ready to redecorate and refresh your furniture? If you’re looking for quality workmanship, we have professionals who can handle everything. Our team will come in with award-winning skills that match any home décor theme – from country chic to industrial loft style!

We provide comprehensive reupholstery services, including repairs on old pieces of Braniff leather sofa or stool restoration projects where damaged wood supports must be replaced, plus general fabric maintenance. We also offer complete restorations if it’s something more complicated such as repairing chipped paint jobs; all parts are available within our store, so feel free to ask us questions before proceeding forward.

We can make any old piece of furniture look new again. We offer complete restoration service on a variety of different items, from chipped wood frames needing new paint jobs and torn fabric to match your room’s decor or just basic sofa repairs with some decorative upholstery thrown in for good measure!

If you need furniture reupholstery and restoration services, including repairs on damaged upholstery or frames that need paint jobs done to them, then give us a call. We can also help match fabrics for your couches, so they blend in perfectly with the rest of our room’s decorating scheme!

It’s always a challenge finding the right fabric for your home. We have an extensive selection and will help you find the perfect style for any room in need! Whether modern or traditional, we have everything under one roof at our local showroom, offering upholstery cleaning services if needed.

Commercial Upholstery Glendale offers a large selection of fabrics for your sofas and chairs. Whatever style you’re looking for, we have it! And if the furniture is already there, we will update what’s already there to give them new life again with their expert upholstery skills.

So don’t wait up, and contact us today; our friendly staff would be happy to help answer any questions about quotes or available options.

We are a team of experienced and passionate upholstery professionals specializing in both residential as well commercial services. We can also help with anything from reupholstering couches all the way through installing new carpets throughout restaurants/offices. We can also help you regain that old elegance by removing stains from carpets–our customer’s satisfaction is always a top priority.

If you need residential or commercial furniture, Commercial Upholstery Glendale will do everything in its power to keep your budgets intact! We offer unbeatable prices and high-quality goods. You can find out more about our services by calling (213) 536-9916 today.

Why Choose Commercial Upholstery Glendale?

It’s never easy to find a good upholstery shop. But Commercial Upholstery Glendale, with its commitment to provide you the best service we can offer and exceptional customer care from start to finish. Not only do we have fair prices, but also innovative designs that will leave your home or business looking great. We offer a wide range of services, including custom furniture and drapery installation. No detail has been ignored when it comes to providing customers with the best service possible.

As a leading upholstery company with over 20 years of experience providing services to homes and commercial projects like restaurants, casinos, and other businesses alike, you’re sure to be satisfied.  We are confident in the quality of our work. We have been servicing customers for years and can provide them with precisely what they need to make their home or office more comfortable.

If you need durable furniture for your home or business, Commercial Upholstery Glendale is the place to go. We have affordable prices and an excellent track record of providing high-quality products with great service! You can stop by our store in person today; call us at (your number) if there’s anything else we could help answer about this project before giving pricing estimates over email/toll-free chat.

Why Choose Us?

In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our work, so you can be sure that Granada Hills Upholstery is the right choice for your upholstering needs.


What Our Customers Say About Us

My husband and I were extremely satisfied with every aspect of this business. Polite, friendly and accommodating, we give this business the highest of ratings and wish that every business would operate in the same fashion. Thank you for the experience! Thank you Scott
Anahata Graceland
Great service! Called today at noon, just to inquire about a quote. Don said he can be at my house by 4pm this afternoon. Incredible, came and picked up more than I first realized I needed. Once they started we really purged. Mattress, old lawn furniture, yard equipment etc.
Wow! I just got my dining chairs back today and they look absolutely gorgeous! Luckily, I found Scott and his team thru Google. they r everywhere . They were very patient and attentive to my needs. They had so many options to choose from that it can get a bit overwhelming;
Angel T

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