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Do you need Sofa Upholstery? Sofa upholstery is a service that many people don’t know a lot about. It’s the perfect solution for homeowners who have old, worn out furniture or those who are redecorating their living room and want to change the look of their sofa! We offer all kinds of upholstery services, including furniture upholstery, custom couches & sofa, commercial upholstery, reupholstery, chairs, wall upholstery, restaurant booth upholstery, and much more. So come over to Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills today!

At Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills, we employ some of the most skilled craftsmen in our industry. Combining that with state-of-the-art technology and a passion for perfection means you can rest assured knowing your new sofa is perfect! In addition, we provide the same services to commercial and residential customers because no job is too big or small here at SUHG.

Why Choose Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills?

Do you want to know what makes our work stand out? We have some of the most expert craftsmen for sofa upholstery. With their help combined with modern technology, Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills ensures that every piece we make is perfect and of top-notch quality. From residential homes to commercial spaces, our priority is to provide the best service under our belt.

We have a wide range of furniture and upholstery options for every room in your home, from our custom indoor sofa collection that will make any interior look stylish to outdoor living spaces. With high-quality materials like solid hardwood floors or natural stone surfaces with quartz countertops, we can provide the perfect style you’re looking for without breaking your budget!

In addition, we offer innovative designs such as mid-century modern pieces, which are trending right now but were popular decades ago. No matter when they debuted, this type of design has aged beautifully over.

Things To Consider

Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills suggests a few things that will help you to decide on your sofa upholstery-

  1. Determine your budget
  2. Decide on a style – modern, traditional, or transitional
  3. Select a fabric that suits your style and budget
  4. Find out if there are any restrictions on what type of upholstery you can use in your home
  5. Call and get exclusive help from us if you need any further suggestions or help

At Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills, we offer the most diverse indoor and outdoor sofa collections guaranteed to suit any need. Our upholstery professionals can help you find a style for your space with their innovative designs in leather or fabric.

If it’s time for an update on the indoors or outdoors, then don’t hesitate. Contact one of our experienced designers, who will be more than happy to provide expert consultation services at no cost. We also have representatives available for pickup and delivery service if needed. Plus, free quotes until such a moment when all possibilities become clear enough. So, you are just one visit away from your next sofa upholstery.

In addition to our quality products and services, we have a team of highly trained experts dedicated to providing the best possible service to each of our customers.

Services of Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills

Our upholstery services in Glendale Hills include:

  • Reupholstery Service
  • Custom Mouldings And Trimmings
  • Sofa Cleaning Services
  • Sofa Fabric changing
  • Upholstery Supply

We’re committed to designing custom upholstery and furniture that will make your home or business come alive. Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills work closely with their customers throughout the entire upholstery process – from design concept through completion of construction on site at our showroom in Glendale Hills.

You’ll be able to see exactly what we do – how fabric selection changes colors when light shines upon them differently than before; whether certain finishes distract more attention away from others as they might have done thirty years ago–and then some!

It won’t matter if this is for office space that needs an updated aesthetic: Every project begins here, so call us today about ordering new pieces made out of all kinds of materials right now styled together according to punning looks.

Whether for your home or office – to relax after a long day’s work, we have what it takes. From upholstery that changes how people feel about their space, fabrics are chosen wisely because they complement each other beautifully without being too flashy or busy. Flooring options so sophisticated nobody can mistake them as anything else but pure elegance on its own–and more! We also encourage participation throughout every aspect when designing custom pieces.

Quality Assurance

Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills committed to providing the highest quality furniture. Our craftsmen take great care in crafting each and every piece, which means you can count on us for lasting pieces that will last as long or longer than most products out there today! Plus, all our materials come from top suppliers, so your investment is safe with guaranteed defect-free shipping right through our factory doors—on time.

In order not only to meet but exceed expectations when it comes down to matters of design and style (among other things), we make sure everything coming off these production lines meets rigorous inspection standards before being released into stores nationwide.

Our furniture is made from the best quality materials and passed strict quality controls. If you are looking for fine furnishings, look no further than Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills!

We have a wide range of products that cover every corner in your home – sofas and sectionals to banquets or chairs. It’s all here waiting patiently as soon as we receive an order from one of our valued customers like yourself. Our goal is always customer satisfaction because, without them, there would be nothing behind this company.

Contact Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills

Our innovative designs in leather or fabric are sure to please, and our upholstery professionals can help you find the perfect style for your space with their expertise on design, color, patterning – no matter what!

If you’re looking for an experience that will provide top-quality service from start to finish at some of the most competitive prices around, call Sofa Upholstery Glendale Hills today at (213) 536-9916 Or email We offer efficient customer care 7 days a week, so we are always available when you have questions or want advice.

Why Choose Us?

In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our work, so you can be sure that Granada Hills Upholstery is the right choice for your upholstering needs.


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My husband and I were extremely satisfied with every aspect of this business. Polite, friendly and accommodating, we give this business the highest of ratings and wish that every business would operate in the same fashion. Thank you for the experience! Thank you Scott
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Great service! Called today at noon, just to inquire about a quote. Don said he can be at my house by 4pm this afternoon. Incredible, came and picked up more than I first realized I needed. Once they started we really purged. Mattress, old lawn furniture, yard equipment etc.
Wow! I just got my dining chairs back today and they look absolutely gorgeous! Luckily, I found Scott and his team thru Google. they r everywhere . They were very patient and attentive to my needs. They had so many options to choose from that it can get a bit overwhelming;
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