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Custom Upholstery Glendale is a family-owned and operated upholstery company that has been in existence since 1960. When you need any furniture done, this should be your first stop! We provide quality furniture and upholstery combined with excellent workmanship for commercial or residential customers.  Thanks to our excellent reputation and providing high-level customer service, we are highly revered among our suppliers, customers, and professionals.

We know exactly how hard it can be to find an experienced and reputable custom upholstery provider when there are so many options out there waiting, which means returning soon wouldn’t hurt either!

Custom Upholstery Glendale is a company that has been serving customers since 1960. With years of experience and knowledge under our belts, we can provide you with the best possible options when it comes time for your sofas needs or bedroom décor ideas! If there’s anything we can do— from custom-built furniture pieces like loveseat sets and recliners all the way through full furnishings solutions (bedrooms included), just ask us—because at Custom Upholstery Glendale—we can handle anything!

Our Services

Custom Upholstery Glendale is the upholstery service you need! We have tons of experience when it comes to cleaning, repairing, or replacing furniture. Our experts are here for all your needs—call today!  We are experienced in upholstery cleaning, reupholstery, upholstery repairs, and other reupholstery services.

When you’re looking to make your home look brand new again, consider our amazing selection of services. We specialize in reupholstering any furniture from sofas and chairs to beds and headboards—not just those which can be found at an upholstery shop! Alongside providing quality craftsmanship for each project we tackle, besides being able to help with cleaning services as well (which includes removing dirt or stains on fabric), there are also custom designs tailored towards meet individual needs. If you have old furniture that needs to be restored, see us! I’m sure your couch could use some refreshing.

Custom upholstery is what we do best around here though if it’s time for a change or two on those cushions customers need help with, there are options available (at an affordable price). And don’t forget about our service when someone wants their own personalized design added into the mix!

We also offer custom furniture design; this includes designing it yourself or buying an already designed pi

ece from us for your home! In addition to providing these standard products in-house at any time you need them (you can even come by the store!), we do not hesitate when tackling larger projects such as renovating antique furnishings like sofas with new upholstery on them.

At our company, we provide a variety of services, including sofa cleaning and reupholstery. The most important thing in life is to have a place you can call home. And for your living room, we’ve got just the thing! Our custom sofa cleaning and upholstery service will ensure that everything from old stains on those white cushions (which may be leftover food or wine) all of the way down into deep cracks are gone and cleaned in such a way— so they’ll never come back again.

Custom Upholstery Glendale is a well-known and highly rated upholstery cleaning company. We not only offer high-quality professional services for furniture but also have the ability to restore carpets using top-of-the-line products like Scotchgard!

If you are looking for a place to have your sofa or chair professionally refurbished, Custom Upholstery Glendale is the way to go. We offer competitive prices and expert workmanship that will make any room in need of new life again!

Why Choose Custom Upholstery Glendale?

Have you always loved the look of custom upholstery but didn’t know where to start? Custom Upholstery Glendale has the best furniture artisans and upholsterers in town. We have a wide selection of fabrics and materials that can make your dream room come true. Our expert team of upholsterers will work with any budget, providing an individual design just for you in no time—without sacrificing quality! Our highly trained workers will even reuse old furniture pieces covered by new fabric, making them stay beautiful longer too.

If you’re not sure what style would fit your living room, we have an in-house designer who can help. They make it their business to repair and restore fabrics, leathers, wood furniture, or frames so that even though it’s old-fashioned junk (sometimes literally), everyone will think new again!

At Custom Upholstery Glendale, we care about your needs and ensure that you have a comfortable experience. We don’t just provide furniture cleaning services! We also offer upholstery and fabric care, including microfiber/microsuede fabrics as well draperies. If you want friendly service with a smile, we’re your company of choice—24 hours per day, seven days a week, or 365 days out of the year. If there is anything else our friendly staff can help answer, just let them know 24/7 by phone or online anytime day/night (they’re always happy!)

Custom Upholstery Glendale specializes in commercial upholstery services, giving any business or workspace an uplifting new appearance. We have helped many businesses with their design needs, from bars to clubs! Our team can help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your bar/club’s décor. We also offer custom-made pieces so that you can be sure everything matches perfectly (and don’t worry about those antique chairs–our skilled professionals know how to make them look brand new again).

If you’re having trouble with your upholstery, then we can help! At our place, the best service around is reupholstering or upping on a couch that needs cleaning. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We’re here to save your furniture! Whether it’s from a simple spill or something more damaging, we can help.

Hiring Custom Upholstery Glendale for your upholstery needs is a perfect choice! No matter how big or small of a job you have, we can handle it all. Our expert craftsmanship will ensure that everything about this service meets high standards from start to finish. Our competitive prices ensure affordability when compared against other similar services in town.

Get in touch with us today and let our experts get the job done for you. If you need any help setting up an inspection or just have questions about our services, give us a call!  Call us today at (213) 536-9916.

Why Choose Us?

In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our work, so you can be sure that Granada Hills Upholstery is the right choice for your upholstering needs.


What Our Customers Say About Us

My husband and I were extremely satisfied with every aspect of this business. Polite, friendly and accommodating, we give this business the highest of ratings and wish that every business would operate in the same fashion. Thank you for the experience! Thank you Scott
Anahata Graceland
Great service! Called today at noon, just to inquire about a quote. Don said he can be at my house by 4pm this afternoon. Incredible, came and picked up more than I first realized I needed. Once they started we really purged. Mattress, old lawn furniture, yard equipment etc.
Wow! I just got my dining chairs back today and they look absolutely gorgeous! Luckily, I found Scott and his team thru Google. they r everywhere . They were very patient and attentive to my needs. They had so many options to choose from that it can get a bit overwhelming;
Angel T

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